6 Sustainable Toiletry Swaps I Made in 2020

8 thoughts on “6 Sustainable Toiletry Swaps I Made in 2020”

  1. Hi Allison! Reading your blog now. Very interesting and dovetails with my No plastics. Can’t wait to add more to mine and read more of yours. Let’s help each other and others! Yay. 😉


    1. The tooth tabs aren’t for everyone! We (my husband and I) are taking it slow. He likes the tabs more than I do. I find that slowing the rush to brush helps me. Letting myself walk away to chew ensures that it becomes paste before I brush. What brand of toothbrushes is your favorite?


    2. I’ve been going between the metal toothpaste tube and the tablets – I am liking the tablets more as I get used to them. I especially like that there is virtually zero waste with the tablets so trying to make them work more for me. They will definitely be a plus once we can all travel again (OMG do I want to travel!!!)

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  2. Some friends of mine told me you can also get toothpaste in glass jars and you just scoop it out. With the tablets not doing it for me I think that’s something I’ll be looking into. May have just been that particular tablet brand too, ours tasted just a bit too bitter.

    As for toothbrush brand I don’t remember what it is. We get them from a local refill shop as our supermarket didn’t stock any when we made the switch, though I believe they do now.


  3. I’ll search for the toothpaste in a jar and try that out. Do you have a name I can search for or a brand? The tablets I have are Unpaste Toothpaste, made in Germany and they aren’t bitter just chalky.


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